DesktopEyes 1.0

Desktop Eyes is a small desktop application in the form of a pair of eyes

Desktop Eyes is a small application which provides some weird interface on your computer screen. This interface is in the form of a pair of eyes. These eyes act as a desktop toy item which consists of two small transparent eyes which always watch the mouse cursor moving on the screen. This software is just for fun and can be used to find some fun even in a boring and monotonous work environment. The software gets instantly launched from the desktop shortcut or from the start menu and settles itself to the system tray. Desktop Eyes has a variety of options which can be either by right clicking on the eyes or by right clicking on the system tray icon. The click through option can be set so that the eyes do not get the mouse focus and the interface at the back can be clicked through them. Right clicking over a single eye and selecting ‘click through’ option allows a single pair of eyes to allow clicking through it, while the system tray interface allows enabling and disabling of the click through feature for all the eyes. Additionally, the user can also have multiple eyes on his screen if he wants. The transparency level can also be set for each eye individually by right clicking on it and selecting the desired transparency level.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Freeware
  • A very Light-Weight application


  • Even when click through is enabled, the eyes turn opaque when mouse comes over them making clickable matter virtually invisible
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